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When you are looking for brake repair in Goshen it is important to choose a brake shop that offers top quality, reliable work and unbeatable service. Dave’s Auto Repair is that brake shop.

Brake Repair Goshen, IN

Your vehicle’s braking system provides one of the most vital safety features. As such, prioritizing regular maintenance to this component ensures your car stops when you tell it to. In addition to following the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual, your vehicle might show signs of wear and tear in the following ways:

  • A steering wheel that shakes intermittently or when turning
  • A spongy brake pedal or one that sinks further into the floor than normal
  • Strange vibrations or noises when braking
  • Grinding, squealing or squeaking when your press the brake pedal
  • A car that wobbles as speed increases, especially during highway driving
  • A car that needs more time to stop than usual
  • A brake pedal that responds slowly or inconsistently
  • A brake pedal that requires increased pressure

Even if none of these symptoms present, you should schedule service if it’s been more than a year or 12,000 miles since a professional inspected the brakes. Although modern vehicles contain metal parts designed to squeal when they need attention, staying ahead of the warning system is never a bad idea. Also, by the time you hear these high-pitched sounds, your safety is at risk.

What to Expect from a Brake Inspection

Since Dave’s Auto Repair upholds safety above all else, we offer a complimentary brake inspection with every service to make sure you know the status of your brakes at all times. A thorough evaluation includes the following:

  • Fluid check for leaks and levels
  • Inspection of the entire braking system including rotors, drums, wheel cylinders, brake hardware and hoses

Brake Service Goshen, IN

The many elements that make up your vehicle’s braking system are designed to wear out. Since brake pads rub against the disc each time you stop, they age more quickly than other elements. In fact, brake pad replacement is the most common repair task we see. On top of this service, however, our technicians might recommend one or more of the following:

  • Fluid replacement and flush
  • Caliper replacement
  • Resurfacing of brake rotors and drums
  • Hose replacement
  • Re-alignment of calipers and rotors
  • Master cylinder replacement

Brake Repair Near Me

Well-functioning brakes keep you and your passengers safe. Period. Having trained eyes consistently look for signs of wear will keep you ahead of any untimely, expensive repairs. Not to mention, our team can provide an estimate of all work so you know what to expect before service begins. Whether you anticipate needing replacement parts or simply want reassurance that all is well, Dave’s Auto Repair has you and your vehicle’s brakes covered.

Call Dave’s Auto Repair today to schedule your next Goshen brake repair or service.