Signs My Suspension Is Damaged

It’s better to have your suspension repaired before it gets damaged further. You can tell your suspension is bad if you notice any of the things listed below. Dave’s Auto Repair, LLC, can fix your vehicle’s suspension, so don’t panic just yet. Bring your car, truck, or SUV in for an inspection so we can find the problem and recommend the best way to fix it. Here are signs your suspension is damaged.

Super Bumpy Ride

If you feel as if you’re driving a vehicle with square wheels, your suspension could have some damage. Usually, a super bumpy ride is caused by the struts and/or shocks. These suspension parts are designed to absorb the bumps in the road, but if you feel every one, they are probably worn and need replacing.

Unstable Vehicle Body

The struts and shocks also keep your car, truck, or SUV’s body stable when you stop, start, and turn. You shouldn’t feel your vehicle rock forward, backward, or sideways when you do any of these things. If you do, this is another sign it’s time to replace the shocks and struts. They can’t stabilize motion any longer.

Sinking Vehicle Frame

If you’ve had your vehicle lowered, then it’s natural for the frame to appear sunken. If you haven’t, or if you notice your vehicle leaning to one tire when it’s parked, you’ve probably broken a suspension spring or springs. Clunking sounds also indicate you have something broken underneath the vehicle’s body.

Uneven Tire Wear

Your vehicle’s suspension includes the wheels and if they aren’t properly balanced or aligned, your tire tread will wear down in patches, scallops, or spots. Uneven tire wear can also suggest that your vehicle suspension isn’t holding the weight of your vehicle evenly, which could indicate any number of issues.

Oil On Your Shocks

If your shocks are leaking fluid, they will be oily. Grab a flashlight and shine it on the shocks underneath your wheels. Do you see oil? Touch the shocks. If you feel oil, you need to have the shocks replaced. They do not leak fluid until they are worn and no longer doing their job properly.

Bounce Test

Finally, you can test your suspension if you have experienced any of the above signs of trouble. Push down on your vehicle’s front end with all your might a few times and then let it go. If your automobile bounces more than a few times, your struts are worn. Push on the rear to test the shocks.

Dave’s Auto Repair, LLC, in Goshen, IN, can help you with your suspension damage. Call us to set up an appointment. Our number is 574-534-8872.

Photo by Jimmyan from Canva Pro

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