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Imagine walking on pavement without shoes on. It’s painful and you would harm your feet. Think about your vehicle’s tires, now. As with shoe soles, they can wear down and become damaged by the pavement. Dave’s Auto Repair, LLC, are tire experts, so bring your car, truck, or SUV in for a quick check and recommendations. Whether you are looking for tire service or tires in Goshen, we have it all.

Tire Inspection Goshen IN

You notice we said quick check first. The first thing we will do when you bring your vehicle to us is to inspect the tires. We will check each one for wear, tear, leaks, or other damage. We will also inspect your balance and alignment, as these two things can further damage worn tires and cause premature damage to brand new tires.

Rotate Tires Goshen IN

Your vehicle should have its tires rotated every 6,000 miles or, as we like to say, every other lube, oil, and filter. This prevents them from wearing down unevenly, which, in turn, prevents blowouts while you drive. A blowout can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and at high speeds, this can be devastating. Don’t risk it.

Tire Repair Goshen IN

Sometimes, a tire just needs a quick repair. Perhaps you ran over a nail but other than that, the tire is fine. In this case and many others, we can repair your tire rather than replace it. This saves you money in the end and we understand how important that can be. During our inspection, we’ll assess whether your tire needs to be repaired or replaced.

Tires Goshen IN

If they do need to be replaced, we can do that, too. Common reasons you may need a tire replacement include

  • Worn tread
  • Element Exposure
  • Old Tires

Let’s talk about worn tread first. Worn tread is not only dangerous, as it causes your tires to lose their grip on the road, it’s also illegal. To check your tire tread, grab a penny and stick it between the ruts. If you can’t see all of Abraham Lincoln’s head, your tread is worn down too far.

We have some pretty warm summers and cold winters here in Goshen and this, too, can wreak havoc on your tires. If you take a summer vacation south and do a lot of driving in harsh, hot conditions, bring your vehicle by for a quick check once you get back.

Tires Near Me

Age is the last consideration for new tires, and you should have yours replaced every six to 10 years barring any other wear issues. Contact Dave’s Auto Repair, LLC, to set up a tire inspection. We’re located in Goshen, IN, and ready to help!


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