Transmission Repair

transmission repair service

Picture this. You’re driving down the road and you stop at a red light. When the light turns green, you depress the accelerator pedal and your car lurches, grinds into first gear, and then slips out of it. You need transmission repair, and Dave’s Auto Repair, LLC, are experts in automatic and manual transmissions.

Additional Signs You’re in Transmission Trouble

A transmission that slips out of any gear is a sure sign of transmission problems. Other signs you need a transmission inspection, repair, or possible overhaul include

  • Inexplicable gear shifts, e.g. the vehicle shifts gears at odd times
  • Rough, bumpy, or grinding gear shifts
  • Pauses when you accelerate from a stop or put the vehicle into gear
  • Transmission fluid leaks (transmission fluid is bright or dark red)
  • Illuminated transmission dashboard warning light

Here’s the concern we have for all of our customers: Your transmission is made up of numerous components that work together, and the longer you ignore these warning signs the more damage you will cause. Don’t put off an inspection to ensure everything is a-okay.

Transmission Repair Goshen

Keeping your transmission in top shape is as important as the other systems in your car, truck, or SUV, but when you need transmission repair, we are here to help. Our technicians combine over 35 years of experience working with transmissions among other auto repairs, and we can assist you should your vehicle experience

  • Transmission fluid leaks due to a faulty driveshaft or gasket seals
  • A damaged solenoid due electrical or fluid-level problems
  • Manual clutch problems, including locking and slipping

We can repair all of these issues and more. Remember, prevention is key to avoid such an extensive and costly repair, however, so bring your vehicle in at the first sign of transmission trouble.

Transmission Service Goshen

We can also give your transmission the once-over to make certain all is well. Most vehicle manufacturers recommended a transmission service every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. The service includes checking the fluid level and flushing and replacing it if necessary. We will also drop the transmission pan to inspect it for damage and ensure your seals are solid.

Transmission Repair Near Me

Dave’s Auto Repair, LLC, has been serving Goshen, IN, customers since 2004. With multiple auto repair bays and lifts, we are ready to assist you with your automotive repair and service needs. Give us a call to make your next Goshen transmission repair or service appointment – we also do transmission flushes.


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