Eight Signs of Transmission Problems

Goshin, IN‘s Dave’s Auto Repair, LLC, services, repairs, and replaces transmissions, but the key to avoiding a transmission problems is to bring your vehicle in at the first sign of trouble. What are the signs of impending transmission doom? Here are eight of them you won’t be able to ignore.

Delayed Shifting

Your car, truck, crossover, or SUV shouldn’t pause between gears or when you put it into drive. If it does, your transmission is crying out for help. It should be easy to put your vehicle into gear from Park or Neutral and you should have your transmission inspected if there is any delay.

Shift Slips

Your transmission shouldn’t grind, jump, or slip when it shifts between gears. Again, shifting should be smooth, even between first, second, third, and so on. If you hear any grinding noises or notice your vehicle jump or the gears slip, you have transmission trouble.


Your vehicle should never shake while you’re driving it. If it does, you might have transmission trouble, wheel balance or alignment problems, suspension issues, or something else distressing going on. Unless you’re on a bumpy road, your vehicle should ride smoothly and shouldn’t shake.

Hot Smells

A burning smell from underneath the hood could be coming from the transmission or perhaps the radiator system. You may also have problems with your exhaust system, especially if the burning smell reminds you of rotten eggs. Finally, motor oil can also burn if it’s leaking.

Fluid Leaks

It’s easy to identify a transmission fluid or oil leak because you’ll see the droplets on your garage floor more toward the center of your automobile. Other engine fluids leak at the front of your car, truck, or SUV, but transmission fluid, which is usually pink or red, leaks toward the center.

Strange Sounds

Another sign of transmission trouble is a strange sound as your vehicle shifts gears or as you shift gears if you drive a stick. You should never hear clunks, screeches, or whistles coming from underneath your hood as you drive along. If you hear those sounds during gear shifts, it’s probably the transmission.

Dirty Fluid

This is something your mechanic will find because, in order to check your transmission fluid, you’ll have to put your vehicle up on a lift. If the fluid is cloudy, dirty, thick or smells awful you have something going on with your transmission. Transmission fluid stays clean because it’s encased.